Bilder 4/4

019 04.07.2021 Letzter Schwung Bilder von der Pixelart Challenge.

Artchallenge-Beiträge 4/4

Dies wird ein etwas längerer Beitrag -- die letzten vier Beiträge aus der Pixelart-Challenge, zwei Bilder, zwei Videos -- in chronologischer Reihenfolge.

Freies Thema

In this round, the palette was given, the topic free to choose though. The palette to be used is called Dreamscape8:

And this is what happens when nobody gives me a topic:

Well, let's call it a refresher exercise in physics stuff :)


The next round was labelled landscape and images should be done using the Nature 20 palette, which you can see here:

And the resulting image:

a board game landscape in pixel-look, with a river, a lot of green, some kind of stonehenge and a few agricultural buildings
Pixel boardgame landscape

I am less happy with this one, but included it into the blog nonetheless. Main critics go towards the pixelart shading, which is pretty much amateur style.

This is also the entry where I decided to stop doing pixelart textures. I'd have to be a lot better at it, and I lack time and motivation to put the necessary hours into exercises.

It might be another story if I would team up with an actual pixel artist -- but then I still need to improve the technical workflow a lot. Making sure the pixel blocks end up in at least roughly the same size on the object was a terrible exercise in fiddling around for way too long time. So that's why I stop doing that for the time being, but with a proper reason I wouldn't mind returning to that topic again.

What else bothers me is how empty it feels. But that is kinda the natural conclusion from the above paragraph, it is actually not finished, I just placed the minimum possible amount of objects because too much time was spent already.

Forgotten ruins

The result of palette voting is called Cyclope 6 -- I like palettes with less colors more anyway. Here an image and link:

And the image:

two-toned cross section through a landscape; in red colors some kind of cave, above that in green-cyan tones the bottom of a futuristic city, inside the cave ruins in same color from an earlier epoch
Forgotten ruins

In the candle light

I made a pretty free interpretation of the topic. But let's first look at the twelve color palette called Japanese Woodblock:

While the objects in the short clip below all use the palette colors, I did not cancel all the shading and color corrections. This I do usually so the pixels of the final result will be part of the palette as well.

And now some 'candle light':

Until next post!

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