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About this website

What is this site about?

It is mostly a self motivation project. Also I like whipping up my own website. Here I am writing about progresses, setbacks and experiments on various ongoing projects.

What projects?

Mostly it's about 3D, game development, website development, animations, writing and text adventures (or interactive fiction).

Some of the tags are not self-explanatory, so let's collect all this here:


An animation project. Topic is "space opera" in the broadest sense, the whole thing being in lowpoly style. At first a lots of stuff needs to be modelled, followed by characters, then some animation tests, and then some story and plot. Ideally I have some episodes of probably a few minutes length to present in the end.

Weekend Challenge

A weekly contest hosted at the forum blenderartists.org. Nothing to win, the competition is mostly fierce (not me though)!


IF is an acronym for 'interactive fiction', also known as text adventure. It's a very text-heave computer game genre, and can work well completely without graphics.

Anything else?

This a purely private, static website. Commenting is not possible, third party content is not embedded (but may be linked, for example when I upload something to youtube or elsewhere).

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Want to comment? Mail to §§§@riidom.eu !

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