Cave-like II

004 22.03.2020 Some more not-quite-there experiments for finding a good corridor style

Caves instead of spaceship, take two!

More caves

Incomparison to the last post, the subject is more shaped like a corridor, white-ish coloured, but yet again rendered half-transparent
Wall structure has yet again a rough, organic impression

Looks like, my conceptional escape velocity was rather low when I went back to another try. Or I was just stubborn and thought, I get this fixed. I don't quite remember.

Cave-like, or mining-corridor-like?

See what I did, it looks like a corridor at least. Still I want no caves, though. Spaceships, please!

Inside view of the cavelike corridor, no more transparent, two technical-looking, simple wall elements; colorized by low resolution vertex coloring (orange on white)
Vertex colors need a denser mesh

Vertex colors

This is a special way of texturing, no textures or UV-mapping required. Basically each vertex in the mesh doubles as source of colour and then it interpolates over the faces the vertices are a part of.

As you can see from the image, the result depends highly on the density of the vertices. To have any chance of getting this looking good, the density needs to be higher. Blender has some good subdivide/remesh options at hand, I may give this a try again.

Editor view of the technical wall elements, on top the (very simple) base strcuture in edit more, on bottom the final result with modifiers in effect, on right side the modifier stack: subdivision, displace, decimate, solidify
The devices on the wall, with and without modifiers - like the rest of this attempt, not the desired style

Result: partially useful

The modifier stack used is not suitable, but the concept of vertex colors may prove useful. Though, the way I did it here, is clearly not useful.

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