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018 26.06.2021 A fox, a warrior and doomsday vibes!

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I wrote in the last post, there would not be more images, but I actually meant: Except the ones I have done but just not published yet.

Like, for example, the following three!


I'm not sure anymore if I planned to do a whole fox and just decided later to reduce it to head-only, or wanted it like this from beginning. In any case the palette Tranquil Fantasy 23 with its 23 colors was quite ample to work with:

And the contribution:

lowpoly version of a fox head, on strong-red background, could also be a logo or a flag
Fox Guevara


The next iteration of the challenge featured the topic Warrior and was meant to be done with usage of Old 90's palette which you can see here:

And the contribution:

a robot-baby-chicken on a colorful 70ies carpet, looking upwards

More like a wanna-be-warrior (at the time of writing)!

There is a detail different at the last two images, as you may have noticed. Instead of using the usual colorized surfaces, I made and used some actual pixelart textures.

That is quite a bit more efford (nothing beats just slapping flat colors on everything, I guess), and my workflow surely can be optimized, but in general it is a nice change. For the following image I returned back to old way though.


Topic is in the title, and this is the palette named Lemon-16:

And the contribution:

a lodge on a soon flooded land tongue, in the background, inside the choppy sea is the tip of another, almost drowned building. Next to the first building is a tornado raging

That's it for today, there will be at least one more post with images (or even videos?!) from the pixelart challenge.

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