End of summer

013 22.09.2020 Four seasons

The time-piece of seasons shows...

End of summer, start of fall

A new week, the end of year a little bit closer, and at the Blender forum is a new issue of Weekend Challenge.

After the experiment with the "paranormal"-entry (see last post), I'm going back to a more strict lowpoly style. This entry allowed me to try a lof of different things and was a lot of fun overall!

a miniature landscape from birds view, donut-shaped with a lake in the center. In the mid of the lake is some kind of huge magical clock, the circular landmass is divided into four sections, connected by bridges. The sections correspond to the four seasons: A lodge and a bald acre for the winter, a path through a grassland full of flowers for spring, a windmill and a cornfield for summer, and a colourful deciduous forest for autumn.
The circle of seasons

SF2020: small update

Currently I am working on two different characters, so I can populate the new corridor when showing it off. If I make a short clip or just some still images first, I haven't decided yet.

Maybe I will make a post just to introduce the characters. They may deserve it, it's the first time I show characters ever, after all. And to have a better balance between SF2020 and Weekend Challenge posts.

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