Blog revived

016 12.05.2021 Mixed news: Pixelart challenge, blog break finished, Godot, and how about the old projects?

Blog revived!

It's about seven months, since I wrote the last post on this blog! I was partially distracted, partially too lazy to update, to be honest. But I stopped being lazy about my blog (for now, at least!), and since I have some material accumulated, I am going to write a few more posts over the next days, until it's all published.

Pixelart challenge

Well no, I didn't change my artstyle. But I discovered this weekly challenge on the german-speaking Letsgamedev-Discord. My submissions are lowpoly as I usually do, but I follow the palette-guidelines and have unshaded colors.

My first submission was for the topic underwater world, and this is the palette that went with the topic:

I made this animation:

If the video causes trouble, here a still frame:

low poly fish in palette colors under water, a few corals on the ocean ground
underwater world


More news on the gamedev side of things: I started properly learning the Godot Game Engine. Started with a bunch of tutorials (and tutorial series), and in meantime I do my own project, but I'll cover that in a later post in more detail!

What about the old projects?

Generally spoken, on hold for an undetermined amount of time.

The SF2020-project I do work mentally on at least, now and then. My Ink-project is stopped, but doing IF with Ink will very likely happen at some point in future.

Blenderartists' weekend challenge I do not participate in anymore currently, instead I am doing the other one now. But that may change in future, who knows.

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