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017 03.06.2021 Two more participations in the Pixelart Discord Challenge, and these are my contributions.

Art challenge submissions pt.2

No long introduction, instead the next two submissions for the discord art challenge. I won't do anymore of these actually, since I left the server. I am quite the opposite of a discord-fan, so it's always kinda difficult. But, that's no blog topic.

Instead, pics!

Secret Ways

My 2nd entry. Some simple architecture, color assignments have been quite the puzzle, because I didnt want different objects to touch on areas of same colour as much as possible. The mirror is done lazy unfortunately, definitely doable within palette limits.

The palette (Ink):

And the image:

Isometric view of a modern apartment, no ceiling and walls with half height, like in a toy house. The used palette has just very few colors.
Secret Ways


A few weeks later, next submission. Palette (Nyx8):

And the image:

Weird steampunk vehicle, half tank half train, in the desert.

I have images for 2-3 more posts, these will appear here during the next days or weeks. Hope you are all using that RSS-button! :)

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