final corridor

006 07.05.2020 The design of the corridor slowly finalizes

Substantial progress!

A fitting modifier stack

Based on the last attempt I reworked the modifier stack slightly, and walls with irregular heights and depths are the result, the occasional chaotic spot included. For the floor and ceiling I changed some parameters, so they are noticeably more flat overall.

the walls have an slightly chaotic surface, flat, rectangular protusions and cavities; these details are all procedurally generated
Isolated corridor walls

Working on the more complex wall model, some problems occured after using the boolean modifier several times to cut holes. Blender crashed whenever I entered edit mode. Now blenders recovery options are very good, so it was no drama, but still annoying. Even applying all modifiers didn't help. I was able to cut more holes via bools into the walls, but it left gaps and I had to add filler objects to cover them.

Next time I will do the wall from several parts. in case this will result in bad blending (which I consider likely), I'll just shift the wall parts into each other slightly and cover bad spots with other objects. My overall messy graphic style will prove forgiving here. Also I am confident I can avoid crashes this way.

Functionality of the procedural wall detail generation showcased on the default cube, illustrated from four different points of view
Wall structure on the default cube, two meters edge length

Floor and ceiling

As mentioned, these are made from the same modifierstack but with different parameters. The texture-based displacement is down-tuned a lot.

Instead of the walls now the floor and ceiling are shown in an isolated manner; the details are more even, the overall impression is much flatter
Floor and ceiling; downtuned details, in comparison to the walls

Other objects

To avoid repetition, a lot of devices are placed against the walls. They have to fit well to the walls, style-wise, so this means: not too many details, an overall messy style (done with help of displacement modifier), no parallel edges, no 90°-corners and no use of bevel-modifier.

Now walls, floor and ceiling are excluded from view and the objects and equipment are shown free-floating: consoles, pipes, hoses, some kind of shelf
equipment installed inside the corridor

Different styles

Since there are only humans in my fictive universe, all ships have a similar construction style.

Still there needs to be a difference between a shabby pirate ship with lots of makeshift-constructions and -repairs, and an expensive corvette which is part of a government fleet, in which you can eat from the floor.

I will probably tune the modifiers of the walls down, so they appear more regular, and will use a more coherent style for the devices, to make the difference easily visible.

Final result / next steps

Who got until here may look at two images from the inside of the complete corridor:

Now everything comes together, from the inside, with good view along the corridor; but everything is still in grey shades, without realistic lighting or any kind of colorizing
complete corridor from inside, PoV 1
similar image as before, but this time from the other side of the corridor
complete corridor from inside, PoV 2

Next step is texturizing/colorizing. Which style it will be in the end, I can't tell yet. Inbetween-results will tell. I'll write about the failed attempts shorter this time, probably in a single post.

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