Colors and light

007 15.07.2020 The corridor finally coloured and properly lighted

Today no grey-in-grey editor screenshots, instead proper renders!

First Renders

mostly the same perspective inside the corridor, but this time everything has colors and is lighted properly, adding some realism and a lot of atmosphere
Same view as in last post, pipes with depth of field (DoF) effect


I sticked (as of today) to the old plan, to use plain colors for the object faces. The color pick I left to an aforementioned candidate. If you have read the older posts too, you can probably guess I am talking about Dawn­bringers eight color palette:

As you may have noticed from the example pics, I used just a subsection of the colors for the corridor: white, grey, black, purple, and then orange for a light and blue for the doors. The colours need to be good for all kinds of places, so depending on mood and scenery only a small part of the colors will appear predominantly.

If you look at other lowpoly art too, you will notice that the colors are often diffuse and lack specularity. I will mostly do the same. But light sources for example are emitting one of the palette colors.

Another perspective, now a wall-mounted console is in focus, slightly blurred
Console with a lot of DoF


Here I am using mostly the usual tricks. Since EEVEE is pseudo-realistic, I support the emitting surfaces with a conventional area light, which lightens up things in a way more efficient and faster way.

Partially results were too dark, so I places some invisible pointlights in middle of the room, to lighten up darker spots discretely.

And another perspective, looking at a wall which features a few colored small and medium-sized lights
Wall with light sources and bloom


In these example images I mostly made use of bloom and depth of field (Dof).

Bloom describes the effect of a lightsource over-brightening and bleeding its color into the surrounding areas of the image. DoF simulates the effect of things getting blurry, when being out of camera focus.

Later on I plan to use motion blur, if it will look ok with a frame rate of 5 or 10 fps.

For sure I will make use of transparency, which works well in EEVEE - just I had no use for it in this example corridor.

For things like windows or cockpits I can imagine to make use of specular surfaces.

A final perspective in a rather boring corner, with half of a door in view
Corner with door

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