Segments and gradients

002 19.03.2020 A few experiments with walls and colours

In this attempt I am breaking one of my own rules: No flat-colour style, instead I am working with gradients.

segments and gradients

a wall with cell structure and gradients in close-up
gradients seem to be worth another try, I think

Summary: I like the idea of using gradients as a simple way of texturing. One downside is, I introduce UV-unwrapping to my workflow (though in a simple and quick way). But still, my other ideas of how to bring color on the meshes, is flat-color-style, which lets me avoid UV-unwrapping at all.

I may do experiments with gradients again. Also I think, there is a way to create them via nodes in blender. The downside may be a huge amount of materials, but I didn't investigate that too closely.

cloned the wall, connected both walls with a basic floor, put the camera in another place
the wall got extended to a rudimentary corridor


I picked a color palette, which is pretty popular in the pixelart genre, namely Dawnbringer's 8 color palette:

I then created gradients between pairs of colors of that palette.

texture with 8 color fields in the first row, the next 15 rows consisting of horizontal gradients, based on two colors of the original pallete each
in the first row the original palette, then several gradients created out of the palette

For the creation of the gradients, I found it very helpful, to use a software that allows for different ways of getting from color A to color B. Depending on the pairing, RGB transition looked often worse than HSV-clockwise or HSV-counter-clockwise. I used GIMP for creation of the gradients.

segmented walls

I don't like. It looks like some sad modern art attempt at stained glass. Neither science fiction, nor the style I envision. Of course, I may re-use it for some obscure scenery/objects, when I see fit.

Also, it was not so quick to create as I first thought. But as always, if your workflow iterates and matures, things go a lot faster usually.

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