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005 23.03.2020 Progressing the modifier based wall construction

Project corridor back on track

the new corridor from inside
new corridor: proper elements on floor, walls and ceiling

I went on with some fresh ideas for my modifier stack. Also I changed the overall construction recipe. This time it is not all-in-one-go, but rather first scaffold, then fill in the gaps. And, for the floor I varied the modifier stack slightly, to separate it more from the walls.

two wall elements displayed in isolation, one as simple 2D-shape (no modifiers), one with active modifiers; to the right the modifier stack inside blender\'s UI: Solidify, Remesh, Displace, Decimate
wall elements with and without modifiers

yummy techy modifier stack

This attempt satisfies the "do you look SF?"-condition good enough. I can't overuse it, it would probably get boring to have each wall look like that. But I guess I can say that about every single style; the combination is going to do it.

Camera pointed upwards, so the separate elements that make up walls and ceiling are better visible
scaffolding structures in walls and ceiling

So I will be using this as part of my to-go-strategy. And, possibly for the outer side of spaceship hulls. It has all the greebles.

two-step construction

view from outside
from outside the scaffolding structure is less clear visible

I learned a good lession here. In hindsight it is pretty trivial, though: If you want to get some varied results outputted, you can't input just a single thing. I expected a little too much from my (script-less) procedural generation here. But that's what studies are for, right.

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