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Art challenge submissions pt.2

No long introduction, instead the next two submissions for the discord art challenge. I won’t do anymore of these actually, since I left the server. I am quite the opposite of a discord-fan, so it’s always kinda difficult. But, that’s no blog topic.

Instead, pics!

Secret Ways

My 2nd entry. Some simple architecture, color assignments have been quite the puzzle, because I didnt want different objects to touch on areas of same colour as much as possible. The mirror is done lazy unfortunately, definitely doable within palette limits.

The palette (Ink):


And the image:

Isometric view of a modern apartment, no ceiling and walls with half height, like in a toy house. The used palette has just very few colors.
Secret Ways


A few weeks later, next submission. Palette (Nyx8):


And the image:

Weird steampunk vehicle, half tank half train, in the desert

I have images for 2-3 more posts, these will appear here during the next days or weeks. Hope you are all using that RSS-button! :)