A hole in the town

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Weekend Challenge

New week, new ↳Weekend Challenge!


Deathrays! With this image I focussed more on the ‘aftermath’, and also refreshed some things about Blenders compositor.

a building from the ego perspective, a meters-wide hole burned right through it. The hole continues behind the house, going through everything in its way, until it fades away in the distance
Topic: "Ray of death"; title: "But officer, no one here owns a ray cannon!"

Perspective and compositor

I guessed beforehand, that the perspective could become a problem. Though I hoped that a minimal angle into the hole would be enough to give a good view into the devastation. It works ok in the front area, but for the whole distance not so much. Putting the camera into a helicopter or from a roof-deck may have been better.

The compositing is probably kinda piled on, but then I don’t use the compositor very often, so occasions need to be used, right!