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Weekend Challenge

This time I’ll deal with two entries at once. Link to the contest is ↳here.


a kind of ghost in green and purple, looking a bit like glowing bed sheets
Topic: "paranormal"; title: "laundry gone crazy"

For the “paranormal” entry I mostly played with materials a bit. Originally I aimed for a distinct lowpoly look as usual, but the transparencies looked weird and very busy.


a bleak landscape falling apart, the ruin of an apartment block, someone installed some letters, speaking: "Too few, too little"
Topic: "Fragments"; title: "You have 1 unread notifications"

The last image with a political statement (News Overdose) didn’t went well at all in terms of competition (0%). Though I was the only one with 0% at least! Nevertheless I tried it again, for the topic “fragments” I got in mind a shattered earth crust, and evolved that into an image about an ecologic catastrophe. Let’s see how this one goes.