The elevator

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The elevator that will (not) let you escape hell!

Weekend Challenge: Gears

The tenth post, worth a mini-celebration! Another entry for the ↳Weekend Challenge. The topic gears has been of more technical nature this time:

an elevator with a heavily built, primitive manual mode inside a dark cave, lighted up by some distant torches
The elevator


There have been comments that this elevator is barely to handle, if at all. That is absolutely correct. As I learned, it is difficult to design a gearbox in a way that the gears’ teeth engage well with each other, and at same time keep parameters like transmission ratio in sensible ranges.

I tried to elevate the problem with the background and overall atmosphere to make it appear like an successful operation of this elevator is not desired anyway. It was an afterthought though, and that may show a little.

Off-topic: SF2020

I also keep working on the SF2020 project, and there will be things to show in near future. Some … changes happened. But more about that soon!