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Weekend Challenge

Weekend Challenge — Round Two!

Surreal politics

This week I participated again in the ↳Weekend Challenge. The topic surrealism was a little more abstract:

The imaginations of an older man, who tries to digest somehow all the bad news the world is producing currently
Title: "News Overdose"

Difficult topic?

Yes, for sure. It wasn’t exactly a success, by all means. Maybe it is not ok to bring political stuff to such an art challenge, or it was because of the implementation. Which may lack a little…

The main character is not a good attempt, with more patience I’d probably have him redone from scratch. The background feels like a pretty quick an dirty job (it wasn’t even!). The action below the table is partially okay – but it takes just a third of the whole image.

And here are some fatal flaws as well: The knives are due to bad perspective barely recognizable, the mushroom clouds I did as last, and my lack of motivation clearly shows – the whole image took quite some time.

But well, I’m not complaining, it was a fun experiment, and I like the image by and large – that counts for me. And let’s see what is on the menu next week.