Diorama of snails

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Weekend Challenge

And for a change of scene, this time something different.

Weekend Challenge: Snails

On blenderartists.org is a weekly contest called ↳Weekend Challenge. To get more experience with lowpoly modelling, I decided to participate (more or less) regular. This weeks topic: Snail

three small brown snails on some kind of "island", constisting from a tiny piece of garden soil, one one side featuring a small pice of brick wall
Snails in lowpoly

Stubborn gras

One thing that bothers me are the grass blades, which penetrate each other. The problem is not exactly trivial, about the optimal solution I am not sure yet. Maybe it’s a question of design, giving them a shape that invites that particular behavior much less. Or it’s a question of better placement algorithms, or just a matter of more dedicated clean-up in the end.