Modular 3D tiles

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Background/scenery: spaceship interior sample

Modular approach

modular construction of a simple tunnel
simple tunnel: the preliminary result of this experiment

In this attempt, I tried a modular tile-based design. Walls, corners, floor and ceiling consider of single elements, which can be combined in various ways to fit together. Each element has several variants, usually.

tunnel top-down view, highlight segmentation
same tunnel in top-down view, segments noticable

I consider it failed, for various reasons:

  • It is by far not as efficient as I first thought. You need to pay a lot attention, else you will experience mysterious little gaps here and there. This may get better with more experience and a better workflow though.
  • To not have the interior look overly repetitive, many sets and variants must be added. The complexity increases with every addition, either at construction time, to make sure everything fits with everything, or at assembling time, when you have to work within a huge set of constraints (A cannot go next to X, B can go next to Y just be aware of caveat M and N, etc.)
several elements displayed separately
the used elements separated

Really failed?

I expect to discover special cases, where modular sets of 3D-tiles will be useful. For now, there are more ideas I need to try out, and compare with each other.