simple, low-poly, and often animated


from clips to episodes to movies, but let's start small, right

Science Fiction

gotta feature that a lot

I'm not only working on content that I can show on my blog, I also work on the blog itself.

So it may be broken to various degrees whenever you visit it! Though once things are settled I will put a notice that you can expect a stable experience.

station - modular

Trying out different styles for interior design in space. Example corridor of a space ship or space station.

segmented walls and gradients

Next attempt at defining an interior style, which can be created efficiently, and may look simple or abstract.

cavelike workbench engine

When your spaceship looks like a cave. Also, workbench engine render test

cavelike with vertex colors

Still a cave. With cave-paintings.

new modifier stack

We are getting there slowly.